Farmhouse Balcony Decor

We have this ledge in the entrance balcony to our house that I like to decorate for different seasons/holidays and our normal farmhouse decor.  I put together this arrangement after getting the HOME sign from a local home decor store because I had a gift card to use up.  The other decorations are things that I already had but I think that they go nicely together.

Refinished Dresser

We were given this dresser many years ago by a family member and it was a little dated almost a yellow color with gold hardware.  I have always wanted to change it up and finally decided a couple weekends ago to go ahead and paint it.  It ended up being way easier and looking nicer than I thought it would end up looking.  I chose a satin white interior paint, and started to prep the dresser.  First, I took all the hardware off so that I could spray paint them with an oil rubbed spray paint.  Then, I took all the drawers out and placed them with the good side up.  I placed a tarp under the dresser it self so that I wouldn’t get paint on my carpet.

Refinished Trunk

I should have taken a before and after pic of this trunk, that each one of us used when we were little.  It was wrapped in a unicorn design with rainbows and clouds.  I wanted to refinish it to put in my daughters room when my mom had handed it down.  At first, I thought I could just paint over the unicorn design but almost instantly realized that it was like contact paper so when I painted  over it, it started to bubble and lift.  

Bulletin Boards in kids rooms

When we moved into this house, the kid’s bedrooms both had this cool board on one wall.  I had so many ideas for what I could make these into, ex – chalkboards, white boards, corkboards.  The kids that had been in this house before us were college-age, so the existing boards were covered in fabric that was floral and had seen better days.