Cruise/ Anniversary Scrapbook

We went on a cruise for our 10 year wedding anniversary and I had a lot of pictures that I wanted to make a scrapbook for .  I found a cute nautical scrapbook at the craft store, and paper that was on clearance, so I decided to start putting it together.  This project went pretty quick because the pictures were in order so I could group them by day etc. 

Sister Themed Scrapbook

My sister gifted me a scrapbook when I first started crafting scrapbooks.  She had made the cover and I slowly added pages of girls trips and events- that we had pictures of us together.  Down the road it will be a gift to someone and I will keep adding to it little by little as I get more pictures of us.  The tricky part is keeping it in a timeline if possible.  

Fall/ Halloween Scrapbook Idea

When I had finally printed out pictures I had a group of pictures from Fall festival activities and Halloween that I wanted to make a layout for.  I chose Halloween colors, cut the pictures down with wavy scissors and added a boarder.  I played with the layout of where I would position them before gluing the pictures down.  I had a group of stickers to accent the pages and labeled each side for Fall/Halloween.  

End of Summer/ First Day of School Scrapbook

The summer leading up to my son starting preschool we did lots of things and in the scrapbook I was putting together I needed these two pages to line up together so I used the same colors on them for background and accent colors.  I lined up the pictures on one side from an amusement park trip and then the other side from his first day of school.

Soccer Lesson Scrapbook Idea

When my son joined a soccer lesson for the first time I wanted to scrapbook a page for him to remember.  I already had a page that was decorated in a soccer theme, so I framed some pictures from the season and the award ceremony with an accent color.  I arranged the pictures on an angle so that you could still see the detail of the background paper and then I found some soccer stickers.

Wedding Scrapbook

Our Wedding scrapbook is one of the first full scrapbooks I did and it took me many hours to finish.  I used a lot of stickers for the letters which is hard, because you have to line them up and fit them in spaces trying to keep them centered. Spacing it hard to do, but it gives it a more custom look I guess.

Disney Vacation Scrapbook

In this post, I want to show how easy it is to scrapbook a family vacation.  I like to keep it simple by using the same set of colors and basic layouts.  For this Disney vacation, I decided to stick with more Primary colors because I had a book of plain colored scrapbook paper I was trying to use up.  I made groups of pictures to set up my pages I tried to stick to a chronological timeline of the trip and set it up with different events/ parks.