Refinished Dresser


We were given this dresser many years ago by a family member and it was a little dated almost a yellow color with gold hardware.  I have always wanted to change it up and finally decided a couple weekends ago to go ahead and paint it.  It ended up being way easier and looking nicer than I thought it would end up looking.  I chose a satin white interior paint, and started to prep the dresser.  First, I took all the hardware off so that I could spray paint them with an oil rubbed spray paint.  Then, I took all the drawers out and placed them with the good side up.  I placed a tarp under the dresser it self so that I wouldn’t get paint on my carpet.  I sanded the dresser slightly and the drawers and then wiped them down with a damp towel.  Then, I was ready to go ahead and paint I started with some of the corners that I wouldn’t be able to get a roller into and used a brush to coat a couple layers into those creases. I let that dry a little and then was ready to roll with a small roller.  I probably ended up doing about 4-5 coats but it went quick because I was using a small thin roller that dried fairly quickly.  When I was happy with how smooth it was looking I let it dry for a good 24 plus hours before I put the dresser back together.  I didn’t want to scratch the paint so I also didn’t close the drawers fully for a week or so when I did put it back together.  So far it is holding up great and turned out just the way I wanted it to.  It matches our bedroom a lot better now.

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