Merry Christmas Wooden Wreath

I had a black circular wooden plank and needed to update the Christmas Wreath.  This is what I came up with, I got some cheap holiday flower bundles at the Dollar Store and made the bow with ribbon and burlap that I had.  Made up the fancy lettering for the vinyl and it pieced together pretty nicely!

Wooden Circular Wreaths

These circular wooden wreaths are very fast and easy to make!  I bought a bulk pack of the wooden circular blanks, they are thin and unfinished so I could paint them whatever color I wanted.  The possibilities are endless!!  They could be used as wreaths on a front door but also has wall decor.  Permanent Vinyl adhesive worked best to apply on top. 

Yearly School Picture Wall Decor

I wanted to make a wall decor for my kids school pictures to be displayed.  I found a thin piece of wood that I could stain and attach vinyl letters/numbers, and also have room to attach their photos.  I wanted it to look a little rustic so I attached a rope through the middle and spaced out clothes pins for each years picture.   Along the top, I attached the vinyl for their names and along the bottom I attached the vinyl for each K, 1, 2, 3, etc.

Grill Table

When we got an egg Grill it needed to be up on a table so my husband made a table for it.  He bought some 2×4’s and made a frame,  and then cut out the circle for it to sit in at the top.  He wanted to be able to move it so he put wheels on the bottom. Eventually we will stain it or paint it but for now we are letting it weather a little bit so the stain will stick. 

Farmhouse Balcony Decor

We have this ledge in the entrance balcony to our house that I like to decorate for different seasons/holidays and our normal farmhouse decor.  I put together this arrangement after getting the HOME sign from a local home decor store because I had a gift card to use up.  The other decorations are things that I already had but I think that they go nicely together.

Welcome Sign

I have wanted to make a welcome sign for the front porch for a while and finally got to doing it yesterday.  I already had scrap wood left over from another project we did and I had already stained it so it came together really quickly.  I first attached the two long boards by nailing some smaller scrap pieces horizontally on the back every six inches or so.

Places We Have Lived Wall Decor

Last weekend I decided I wanted to make something to fill the wall in the staircase.  I had seen online ways of displaying places you have lived or that were sentimental.  Since we have moved a bunch, I thought that would be a meaningful thing to make.  I had a pack of frames that had matting already, I went online and printed the maps for the different places we have lived and then cut them out with the same size heart.