Refinished Trunk


I should have taken a before and after pic of this trunk, that each one of us used when we were little.  It was wrapped in a unicorn design with rainbows and clouds.  I wanted to refinish it to put in my daughters room when my mom had handed it down.  At first, I thought I could just paint over the unicorn design but almost instantly realized that it was like contact paper so when I painted  over it, it started to bubble and lift.  I had to wet it all and scrape that off first- along with the glue underneath.  Once, that was done I was able to paint it.  I had already taped off the trim with painters tape.  I used a small roller and applied about 3 coats of paint in a light pink latex paint to match her room decor.  Originally, I was planning on painting the gold trim to a silver, but when I let everything dry and took the painters tape off I liked how the pink and the gold looked together, and even though it has scratches in it, I thought it helped to make it look rustic.  We use it at the end of her bed to place all of her blankets.

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