Wedding Scrapbook


Our Wedding scrapbook is one of the first full scrapbooks I did and it took me many hours to finish.  I used a lot of stickers for the letters which is hard, because you have to line them up and fit them in spaces trying to keep them centered. Spacing is hard to do, but it gives it a more custom look I guess.



For the front page I added the program and a framed picture of us from after the ceremony.  I was given this scrapbook at our wedding shower along with some of the scrapbook paper I used and stickers.



I added some papers that were the color of our dresses and flowers to accent some of the layouts.  I also found some quotes online that I printed and added in for a personal touch.



I tried to keep the book as a whole in chronological order.  So I started with getting ready, the mass and then the pictures and reception.



Some pages I added lots of boarders and detail.



Other pages I just added the pictures and laid them out so that the background paper was the decoration.  I liked how pages like this one had quotes and I wanted them to be seen.



For the more simple background pages I was able to add more detail. I wanted to remember the readings and who did what during the mass, so I printed them out on the computer and labeled the pictures.



Because this background was detailed, I just added some pictures and laid them out so the writing could be seen.



I wanted to add detail for these pages so I simply added a background for each picture with computer paper and cut out some rectangular pieces for writing and stickers.



Adding some ribbon in vertical stripes helps add some color, I added the same color accent to the backgrounds for my description of the page.



Grouping pictures into certain events helps to make the scrapbook a story.



Playing with layouts so the backgrounds can be seen and used as decoration help to tie everything together.  The champagne glasses were made using a machine by the family member that had gifted the scrapbook and supplies to me.



Some pages had to fit too many pictures to add any stickers or decorations it was a challenge enough just to get the pictures to fit.



Adding a banner in the middle or top of the page helps to add a title, to define the page.



I like to add stickers on either side that tie in the theme of the page.



The rest of the pictures show some different examples of layouts and decorations you can add.



I find that searching scrapbook layouts help me to change things up so that every page isn’t the same thing over and over.



Tying the pages together using the same types of boarders for titles with colors etc. is simple and helps to finish it faster.



When you have a lot of pictures to fit on a page, it helps to cut them down so you have more room to play with.



The week before our wedding we had Chinese food and the fortune cookies were about the love of your life etc. and we kept them on our fridge for a while, I decided that adding them to a scrapbook would be a nice way to use them as a keepsake.


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