Disney Vacation Scrapbook


In this post, I want to show how easy it is to scrapbook a family vacation.  I like to keep it simple by using the same set of colors and basic layouts.  For this Disney vacation, I decided to stick with more Primary colors because I had a book of plain colored scrapbook paper I was trying to use up.    I made groups of pictures to set up my pages I tried to stick to a chronological timeline of the trip and set it up with different events/ parks.



I framed the pictures by glueing each picture on a scrapbook paper and then cut around it using patterned scissors.  I like using the wave patterned scissors because it doesn’t have to line up perfectly and goes quick.  Sometimes. I will put a double frame around them to make the pictures pop a little and it adds more color to the layout.



Depending on how many pictures I am using for the one or two page layout is how I decide what the template will be.  I usually play around with the positioning of the pictures before I glue things down, keeping in mind what stickers or quotes etc. I will add and where.



I like to add a stipe of the same background color so that I can add a title/description to the page.  For the white paper and the title, I tend to just type it up on computer paper and cut it out with patterned scissors, that way I don’t have to buy as many stickers etc.



Using tag looking cut outs is another way to add your descriptions on the page.  I like to keep it in the same color schemes.



I bought a couple packs of Disney stickers and added them to my pages once I was done with making the layouts.  You could easily make backgrounds for the stickers too.



Some pages I was more detailed than others, but they are all basically the same.



The craft store had many booklets of Mickey and Minnie stickers that I scattered throughout the book.  I saved the firework scene for our pictures from when we went to the firework show.



This page is full of stickers because I wanted to keep the Monsters Inc. ones for the day we went to Epcot.



I was able to find some stickers that went along with the theme of a restaurant we went to, so I kept them specifically for this page.



Playing around with the titles on the page when I have the room is nice because it helps to mix up the pages and they are similar but stand out a little.



For this scrapbook I wanted to add a page for souvenirs, that would other wise get lost.  I thought about using them to make a shadowbox but I thought this would be easier to put away and keep.  I didn’t have many so I thought the back page of the scrapbook would be the perfect spot. Because I wasn’t getting too detailed with layouts etc. this scrapbook went quick it took me a total of a few hours.





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