Sister Themed Scrapbook



My sister gifted me a scrapbook when I first started crafting scrapbooks.  She had made the cover and I slowly added pages of girls trips and events- that we had pictures of us together.  Down the road it will be a gift to someone and I will keep adding to it little by little as I get more pictures of us.  The tricky part is keeping it in a timeline if possible.



This scrapbook is a different type with the spiral binding, and the pages are there already, so I just glued down the scrapbook paper to the pages to use as a background.



I wanted to keep it colorful and because it is a smaller book I have to cut my pictures down so I have room to work with.



I changed up the stickers and lettering I used to make pages unique.



I clearly haven’t finished the book and have many events missing so far, this one will be a work in progress.

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