Variation on Pesto – No Nuts!!

I’ve got a nut allergy kid in my house, so we make pesto with no nuts!

I have made this so many times that I honestly don’t measure it anymore.

Here are the components – everything is “to taste”:

Basil (washed and patted dry – I’m super picky about the leaves I pick….only the big, fragrant leaves)




Parmesan cheese – shredded (not the shaker kind!)

Good quality olive oil

Feeling frisky?  Try it with some crushed red pepper!

Blend it all together until it’s the consistency you want.  I go thicker if I’m going to put it on bread and thinner if I’m going to put it on pasta.

You can totally freeze pesto! I put it into smaller freezer safe containers and put it right into the freezer!


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