Scarecrow/Snowman Pallet Outdoor Decor


I made this simple outdoor decoration for fall/winter by using a piece of plywood and couple small pieces of scrap wood.  I lined up the scrap pieces on a diagonal with one on either side that would create the hat for both sides.  I used a few nails on either side to adhere the scrap wood to the plywood.  On the scarecrow side, I stained the wood a lighter stain for the face and a darker stain for the hat. Then to make the face I drew with a pencil first and went over it with a think black permanent marker and then used some acrylic paint to make the candy corn nose and eyes.  On the snowman side, I painted the face in white with an outdoor paint and the hat in a outdoor black paint.  For the face, I did the same thing and drew it out in pencil first and then used a thick permanent black marker for it to stand out.  The eyes are starting to fade now but I have used it for two years now and will need to touch up the paint. I also have attached flowers on the hat using velcro in the past.


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