Burlap Wreath


I don’t like to spend money on wreaths, I always feel like they are way over priced.  I wanted to make a burlap one because a lot of the decor in my house is burlap/farmhouse, plus my front door is a dark chocolate brown so I needed something light colored that would stand out from the road.  I bought a wired wreath form and 3-4 burlap ribbon spools that were about 3 inches wide.  I bought some pipe cleaners that I could use to tie down the sections of ribbon to the wreath wire.  I set the wreath on my lap and continuously looped the burlap ribbon in sections for as big as I wanted and tied them down with pipe cleaners so they would stay in place.  Once the whole wreath was covered, I added some decor to it- I did a letter for our last name and some hydrangeas. I tied them down to the wreath with floral wire.  Over the years the wreath has held up pretty well- it starts to settle and separate a little which I just fluff it up every so often but I think I will add another spool of ribbon to accent the middle and fill it up again.



  • At the time when I made the wreath I couldn’t find pipe cleaners that matched the burlap so that they would be masked- instead I had bought white pipe cleaners and you can seen them when the ribbon separates.  I would recommend getting pipe cleaners that match the material your using.
  • Instead of doing a letter for your last name, you could use numbers for your address, a bow or even flowers or seasonal decorations.

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