Handmade Ruler Wall Decor

I wanted to make something to measure my kids height that we could travel with, as we have moved around so much.  I had seen these wooden rulers in the craft stores and I didn’t want to spend the money, I knew I could make it for a lot cheaper.

I went to the hardware store and bought a piece of wood that was about 6 feet tall, 6 inches wide and about an inch thick.  You could use a different size piece of wood depending on how you wanted it to look.  I stained the wood first and then just measured out along the side of the wood and used a stencil for the numbers to mark each foot.  For that I used a permanent marker.

When it came time to hang it on the wall I attached some brackets on the top and measured from the bottom so that the 1 foot marker was 1 foot from the floor.  Each year we have our kids back up to it and we mark their height and date it.  Now we can still compare their heights from when they were younger and didn’t have to leave them behind in our old houses.

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