Growing potatoes


Each year I try a new plant or two.  This year, I found seed potatoes on sale and thought that I would at least try them.  I followed the directions on the box for the seed potatoes, which basically involved cutting each of the potatoes into about 1 inch pieces, each with one eye (sprout).  I left them on the counter overnight.

I had a couple of plastic pots from last year that didn’t hold up very well.  I cut rectangular holes out of the sides of the one that was in worse condition so that I would be able to see the progress or get some potatoes out without disturbing the others.  I put that pot inside the pot that without the holes cut in it.

The next day, I put a little bit of soil in the bottom of the stacked pots.  Then I put a couple of seed pieces in the soil with the eyes facing up.  Then I covered those with another layer of soil.  I kept alternating like this until I had planted all of my seeds.

Within a couple of weeks, I had lots of foliage.  The foliage lasted pretty much all summer.  I just watered it as I would water all the rest of my plants but otherwise, left it alone.  Pretty much all of the foliage had died by the beginning of September, so this weekend I pulled up what was left and dug in the dirt to see what had grown. We had a pretty good amount!!

These were the best tasting potatoes that we have had in a long time!  I think it makes a big difference when it comes straight from the garden an hour or two before you eat them!!

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