Green Tomato Salsa

What do you do with all of the green tomatoes still left on the plants at the end of the season? You make salsa!!

It’s so easy and tasty! Since there is no measuring, this can easily be adjusted to accommodate for the amount of tomatoes that you ended up with!

Green tomatoes (core and run through the blender)

green peppers (any kind will work, I used a combo of fresno, jalapeno and bell – seed and run through the blender)

onion (dried or fresh – if fresh, run through the blender)

cilantro (dried or fresh)


lime juice

black pepper


Put everything into a big pot and simmer/boil for an hour or so, stirring frequently.  This will burn on the bottom of the pot pretty quickly.  You want the consistency to be on the thick side. It will reduce quite a bit as you continue to cook it. I can this when it’s all done. I ended up with 17 quarts this year!


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