DIY Wooden Plant Wall Decor

My living room and kitchen are open into a great room.  So I wanted to make something for the wall in the kitchen to match the metal tree/wood decor I made for over my couch.  After searching for ideas online on what to make I decided that I could easily make something with the same wood I used for the living room decor.  I still had beadboard pieces left over from the pack I had bought for that project and so I did the same thing.  I glued some pieces together using a hot glue gun, and pieced together the tongue and grooves.  I put the same boarder on the top and bottom by cutting down a panel to frame it out, and glued it down.  I stained the project at the end after piecing the boards together because I wanted it to all match and be even.  I used a coat of “Early American” stain and a thin layer of “Espresso” wood stain- because that was the same I had done for the tree/wood decor.

I wanted to be able to screw in not only the brackets to hang it on the wall, but also screws to attach some metal buckets on the front.  So in order to give it bulk, I added a couple panels along the back where I would be attaching the screws for the brackets and the buckets.  Those wood panels were glued with a hot glue gun too.  On the front, I wanted to place 4 buckets so I measured out where I wanted to put them and attached a small screw.

In the bucket itself along the rim, I punched a small hole so that I could make a hook with wire and created a loop so that I could hang it on the screw.

Once everything was attached it was time to make it functional.  I added a little bit of dirt in each bucket and planted some succulents. (Initially, I added live succulents but because that area didn’t get a lot of sunlight and well lets be honest I don’t have a green thumb… So I ended up replacing them with fake succulents from the local craft store! )


– Just as I had with the tree decor, I first made this by using wood glue which worked for a while but eventually with temperature changes it started it separate so I resorted to using a hot glue gun and it worked so much better.

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