Super Hero Composition Notebook Cover



My grandsons like to draw and write so I made a super hero cover for a composition notebook.  First I sewed some scraps of fabric together and placed it on light batting and used some decorative stitches on my machine to put them together.  Then I took the composition book opened out wide and traced the book on the back side of the fabric and batting.  Then I cut a piece of fabric for the inside the same size as the outside adding 1/2″ to all sides.  Then cut pieces for the flaps about 4″ by the height of the book plus 1/2″.  Then sandwich together front of the cover face up, flaps on each end folded in half length wise and the inside fabric face down.  Next sew a 1/4″ seam around all leaving about 2-3″ at bottom lower edge so you can turn right side out.  Next sew a button on front middle right side and I use hair ties to sew to the back to loop around the button on the front.  A pencil can be placed in the hair tie.


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