Quilt Made from Receiving Blankets


This is considered a rag quilt that can either be made from used receiving blankets or squares of flannel fabric.  I cut the squares in equal sizes, I think mine were 5″ squares.  Then I sewed two squares backsides together about 1/2″ in from edges.  You can either put two like blocks together or put one color on the back of each block so the back of the quilt will be a solid color.  Next lay out the blocks to the desired layout.  Sew the blocks together on that sewn line leaving the raw edges exposed on the front of the quilt.  When the quilt is all put together you will cut in all the raw edges about 1/3″ from the raw edge not crossing the stitched line.  Now you will put thru the washer and dryer a few times.  This will fray the edges more and get the lint off the quilt.  Check your lint trap between each drying as it will create a lot of lint.  Enjoy.


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