Jungle Themed Nursery Blanket

This was a quilt idea from Joann’s.  You buy the panel for the Jungle Babies fabric book and then there was a Joann’s idea free pattern showing how to make a quilt out of the book panel.  There was coordinating fabric for the borders and backing and instructions that were easy to follow.  You can put a tube on the back if you want to hang the quilt for a wall hanging or just use as a quilt. 

Super Hero Capes

This was a service project that my quilt group made for a local hospital.  There are kids going through cancer treatments who don’t have many choices of things to do so we tried to give them something fun to wear.  They are truly super heros.  This was a free pattern from a website called Sewing with Nancy Zieman.  It gives easy to follow instructions. 

Refinished Dresser

We were given this dresser many years ago by a family member and it was a little dated almost a yellow color with gold hardware.  I have always wanted to change it up and finally decided a couple weekends ago to go ahead and paint it.  It ended up being way easier and looking nicer than I thought it would end up looking.  I chose a satin white interior paint, and started to prep the dresser.  First, I took all the hardware off so that I could spray paint them with an oil rubbed spray paint.  Then, I took all the drawers out and placed them with the good side up.  I placed a tarp under the dresser it self so that I wouldn’t get paint on my carpet.

Easy Birthday Cake

My daughter recently had a birthday and she was very specific about the cake that she wanted so instead of trying to find it we made it together.  She wanted strawberry cake with vanilla frosting.  We found a strawberry mix and poured it into two 8 inch pans baking as instructed on the box.  We sprayed the pans very well so that they would easily come out without falling apart.  

Cute gift idea for teacher

Each year my daughter likes to make her teacher something for Christmas.  This is the first year when she has more than one teacher, so we had to think of something that would be cheap but could be customized for each teacher.  I challenged her to come up with something that would use up some of the arts and craft supplies that we already had.