Framed Newborn Cross Stitch

I like to do Cross-Stitch and have made a sampler for each of my grandkids when they were born.  This was a boughten kit that worked up quick and easily. I then framed it myself as I am a stickler for having the lines straight on cross-stitch pictures.  You can buy a matting that is sticky on one side so you can stick your picture to it and see how it looks in the frame.  I also like to have glass in the frame so it stays clean and neat.

Raggedy Ann Blankie

I make Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls and came up with a new way to put them together.  I take the pattern for the dolls and cut out the body and two arms.  I embroider the face, sew the body and arms, and stuff so you can put the hair on the doll.  Then take some of the stuffing out so you can sew it to the corner of a fleece square sandwich.  I then embellished the square with some appliques that I had and also some scraps from a fabric book that I had made.

Framed Wedding Cross Stitch Craft

I like to give personalized gifts for special occasions.  I bought this kit from a craft store, embroidered it with names and dates added to give as a wedding gift.  This one I had professionally framed as I wanted it done in a nice frame with double matting.  These pictures take awhile so don’t wait til the last minute to start them.  But they make a nice remembrance of a special occasion.

Superhero Pillow

My 2 grandsons like Super heros and when I found this fabric on clearance I bought it knowing that I would find some use for it for the boys.  Both boys like to watch tv laying on the floor so I made them each an 18″ pillow.  I cut this fabric 18 1/2″ square and 2 pieces of a backing fabric the same size.  Then I folded the two backing pieces down about 6″ and overlapping the backing pieces, put the front and back pieces together right sides together and sew with a 1/4″ seam. 

Train Blanket

I wanted to make a quick easy quilt for my grandson.  I found the train flannel fabric at Joann’s and some blue fleece for the backing.  Since it was fleece and flannel there was no need for batting.  I put the two back sides of the fabric together and decided to do a couple lines of embroidery stitches to keep it together.  Then I squared up the quilt and put fleece binding on it.

Super Hero Composition Notebook Cover

My grandsons like to draw and write so I made a super hero cover for a composition notebook.  First I sewed some scraps of fabric together and placed it on light batting and used some decorative stitches on my machine to put them together.  Then I took the composition book opened out wide and traced the book on the back side of the fabric and batting. 

Homemade Hand-towels

I like to hang a towel over my stove handle which is next to my kitchen sink to use as a hand towel.  My mother used to crochet a top or make a top of fabric but the fabric never lasted as long as the towel and I don’t crochet.  I saw this idea at a craft show and have been making them ever since.  I like to use good quality towels and find them for all the holidays.  Then I go to the Dollar Store to buy pot holders to match them.  Then I cut the label off the pot holder and find the middle of the holder with the loop on the one side.  Then I lay the towel face down and fold it so the towel fits side to side of the pot holder.  I pin the middle of the towel and pin it to the middle of the pot holder right sides together.  Then I stitch across the middle of both.