Homemade Hand-towels


I like to hang a towel over my stove handle which is next to my kitchen sink to use as a hand towel.  My mother used to crochet a top or make a top of fabric but the fabric never lasted as long as the towel and I don’t crochet.  I saw this idea at a craft show and have been making them ever since.  I like to use good quality towels and find them for all the holidays.  Then I go to the Dollar Store to buy pot holders to match them.  Then I cut the label off the pot holder and find the middle of the holder with the loop on the one side.  Then I lay the towel face down and fold it so the towel fits side to side of the pot holder.  I pin the middle of the towel and pin it to the middle of the pot holder right sides together.  Then I stitch across the middle of both.  Take your pins out and when you fold the pot holder in half the towel should be folded in half also.  Next I put a button on the one side of the pot holder so the loop will go over and loop over the button and you can attach to the stove handle or a drawer handle.  The following pictutres show a variety of the towels I have made, I like to mix it up for different times of the year etc.






















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