Hemming Dress Pants


My mom taught me how to Hem pants for my husband as they are always too long for him.  Dress pants make me nervous to hem but it actually was pretty easy.  I first had to cut off about an inch at the bottom because we had to bring it up about two inches.  Once we cut that excess off we ironed the bottom exactly where we wanted the new bottom to be. We pinned it all into place at the very bottom so it wouldn’t shift around as I attached the hemming tape. Instead of buying the iron on tape- I got the kind that needed to be sewed on so it would last.  It looks like  ribbon but you sew it onto the bottom of the pants to the end that was cut.  I did that by using the sewing machine all the way around.  Then I was ready to make the final stitch.  I pinned everything back around the new taped end and the pant legs and carefully sewed by hand an invisible stitch all the way around.


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