Handmade Jewelry Organizer

I recently decided that I needed to make something for my closet that would help to organize my jewelry so that I would see it and wouldn’t wear the same things everyday!  After researching some ideas online I decided to made something from a canvas that I had in the back of a closet.  I pulled that out and wrapped it with burlap that I had left over from another project.  I simply stapled it around the edge of the back of the canvas while pulling it tight.  (I ended up putting two layers as it was thin and you could still see the canvas underneath.)

At the top I used two nails and a dowel to make a rack for bracelets. Then at the bottom I secured some nails along the boarder so I could hang some necklaces.

Initially, I thought I was going to hang all my earring straight into the burlap material, but I have way more post earrings than I do hoops or dangle earrings.  I wanted to be able to take the earrings on and off easily so I found some ribbon in my craft room that also was a burlap type material.  I cut some strips the width of my canvas, and then attached some nails to the side boarder of the canvas.  In order to secure the ribbon to the nail, I simply cut a little slit towards the end of the ribbon so I could slip it over the nail head.

Because I used a canvas I was able to hang it on the wall very quickly.  I used nails again but if your jewelry was heavier you could attach some brackets for it to be more secure.

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