Floral Scrapbook Paper Canvas


This was my first project using “Mod Podge.”  I had a canvas that I wanted to do something with so I made a petal design from a piece of card stock and used that as my templet to cut out a bunch of petals with 4 different scrapbook paper patterns/colors.  I arranged them on each edge of the canvas to look like half of a flower.  Once I got them in the design I wanted I used a small amount of “Mod Podge” on the back of each petal and glued it onto the canvas.  I let that dry for a while and then I went back and put a layer of “Mod Podge” over top of the whole canvas which fully secured and sealed the pieces.

I used a paint brush for this which worked well because when the scrapbook paper got wet from the “Mod Podge” it wrinkled the paper and I brushed out the wrinkles to flatten them down.

This was a very quick project and I hung it up on the wall of my craft room.  I was going to put another full flower in the center and never ended up doing that.  I am going to frame it someday too.

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