Wine Cork Snowmen Ornaments

I had a jar collecting of Wine Corks, and I was waiting to find the perfect project to use them for.  I decided to make snowmen, by painting them white and using a permanent marker to make the faces and buttons.  For the scarfs, I used some scrapbook paper that was Christmas themed.  I will attach a small loop on the top and ribbon to finish them out. 

Keto Fried Chicken

My husband has been doing a keto diet lately and wanted to try out a keto pasta and sauce he had found, so for the meat we decided to try to make a chicken parmesan.  We had a pack of pork rinds and crushed them up and used them as the breading and then placed them in boiling oil on a saucepan until fully cooked.  Was a great substitute for breading and tasted just the same.  Very simple and quick to make.