Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is my favorite recipe for Chocolate chip cookies, because they are the perfect mix of sweet and salty.  They are very easy to make and come out perfect.  The key is to not melt the butter and to use the baking soda and the salt.  I mix all the dry ingredients separately and then add them to the wet ingredients.

Cheap Wall Decor for Little Boys Room

To make some cheap wall decor for my sons room- I bought a 3 Pack of canvas’ and painted them with spray paint.  I attached some pre-painted animals that you can find at any craft store in the wood crafts section.  (There are all sorts of pre-painted figures- Robots, Trucks, Princess, Ballerina, Fish etc. -so you could do this for any theme)  

Burlap Roman Shade Window Curtain

I made a lot of window curtains in my house, and for this bathroom I wanted to attempt to make a roman shade type curtain because it is an odd size.  I love burlap and it’s cheap so I chose that for my material.  I measured how wide the window is and added a couple inches so that when I made the hem on both sides it would line up.  I measured the length of the window too, but because I was going to have it rolled up I cut it out shorter.  I started with hemming all of the edges and at the top I folded it over and stitched about an inch or two from the top so that it would create the loop/slot to slide it on the curtain rod.

Refinished Trunk

I should have taken a before and after pic of this trunk, that each one of us used when we were little.  It was wrapped in a unicorn design with rainbows and clouds.  I wanted to refinish it to put in my daughters room when my mom had handed it down.  At first, I thought I could just paint over the unicorn design but almost instantly realized that it was like contact paper so when I painted  over it, it started to bubble and lift.  

Fall/ Halloween Scrapbook Idea

When I had finally printed out pictures I had a group of pictures from Fall festival activities and Halloween that I wanted to make a layout for.  I chose Halloween colors, cut the pictures down with wavy scissors and added a boarder.  I played with the layout of where I would position them before gluing the pictures down.  I had a group of stickers to accent the pages and labeled each side for Fall/Halloween.  

End of Summer/ First Day of School Scrapbook

The summer leading up to my son starting preschool we did lots of things and in the scrapbook I was putting together I needed these two pages to line up together so I used the same colors on them for background and accent colors.  I lined up the pictures on one side from an amusement park trip and then the other side from his first day of school.

Soccer Lesson Scrapbook Idea

When my son joined a soccer lesson for the first time I wanted to scrapbook a page for him to remember.  I already had a page that was decorated in a soccer theme, so I framed some pictures from the season and the award ceremony with an accent color.  I arranged the pictures on an angle so that you could still see the detail of the background paper and then I found some soccer stickers.

Scarecrow/Snowman Pallet Outdoor Decor

I made this simple outdoor decoration for fall/winter by using a piece of plywood and couple small pieces of scrap wood.  I lined up the scrap pieces on a diagonal with one on either side that would create the hat for both sides.  I used a few nails on either side to adhere the scrap wood to the plywood.  On the scarecrow side, I stained the wood a lighter stain for the face and a darker stain for the hat.

Burlap Wreath

I don’t like to spend money on wreaths, I always feel like they are way over priced.  I wanted to make a burlap one because a lot of the decor in my house is burlap/farmhouse, plus my front door is a dark chocolate brown so I needed something light colored that would stand out from the road.  I bought a wired wreath form and 3-4 burlap ribbon spools that were about 3 inches wide.